Nicolas Kress

Nicolas Kress (aka Léo) has an MA in archaeology (UCLouvain, Belgium). His dissertation focused on the integration of different field techniques (excavation, survey, GPR, GPS, aerial photography,…) within Geographical Information Systems (GIS). He then specialised in land-surveying at the IEPSCF-Namur (Belgium).

He started as student in 2007 at Sissi and is still in the project today.  He work also since 2010 as a professional topographer for international companies in Luxemburg and Belgium.  Between 2021 and 2024, as Jan’s right hand, he take took care of logistics in the ARC programme ‘Talos’ as well as of AEGIS publications and of multiple websites and previously he took care of logistics in the ARC programme ‘A World in Crisis?’ (2013-2018) .

Nicolas has participated in excavations at Sissi (2007-today), at Palaikastro (2014), Pyla (2014-today), Al-Ghat in Saudi Arabia (2012 & 2014). On the field, he is at once archaeologist, and responsible for topography, and for the drone pictures.