Maud Devolder

Maud Devolder is Post-doctoral Researcher of the Gerda Henkel Foundation in the AEGIS research group at UCLouvain. After completing her PhD on Neopalatial Society and Material Culture in UCLouvain in 2009, she has been holding post-doctoral research positions in Athens (FNRS and French School at Athens) and Berlin (Humboldt Research Fellow). She has participated in excavations and study campaigns in Palaikastro, Thorikos, Myrtos Pyrgos, Anavlochos, Dreros, Sissi and Malia. She has recently completed the study and publication of the Dessenne Building at Malia, and is now director of the Malia Palace Project. She is working at Sissi since 2007 where she is in charge of the excavation of Zones 5 and 6.