Sylviane Déderix

Sylviane Déderix is currently a postdoctoral researcher at UCLouvain (ARC “A World in Crisis”). She studied Archaeology as well as Oriental Languages and Literature, before completing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. J. Driessen and Dr. A. Sarris (IMS-FORTH). Her research interests include Aegean and more specifically Minoan archaeology, archaeological GIS, landscape studies and burial practices. She has participated in archaeological excavations in Belgium (Tournai), Crete (Sissi, Malia-Magasins Dessenne) and Cyprus (Pyla Kokkinokremos), and in geophysical prospections in Greece, Cyprus and Italy (with Dr. A. Sarris’ team). At Sissi she excavated in the cemetery between 2008 and 2011, before being assigned the task of studying and publishing the architectural remains of the house tombs. In 2015, she will direct the excavation in Zone 12.